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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Fished Out

Favourite fishing spots can be fished out. People catch too many fish and the population in the pond cannot sustain itself. When it happens, the spot which once had many anglers, is only visited by the uninformed. However, people can be fished out as well because it happened to my husband.

Since I knew Rick, I knew about his dislike of fishing. However, I had no concept of the amount of fishing he did as a child. 

His father, an avid fly fisherman, always took his family on vacation to an area with a salmon river, where they stayed in a travel trailer. 

Rick and his mother, Sylvia, hated the heat and flies while his father, Melvin, delighted in the entire experience.

We discovered pictures of family fishing experiences recently from old slides which we digitized. The many pictures show a smiling, happy child, 

which is rather deceiving when you know how he hates fishing. 

However the smiles were about the time spent with friends and family not for fishing.

Rick is fished out.

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