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Sunday, 11 January 2015

The Slides

The little rectangular boxes have been around forever. 

We collected them from Rick's parents years ago. They contain slides, the little framed negatives of the life of the Smith family years ago, long before digital photography.

The slides hold unknown treasures, loved ones older now or some long gone, other faces long forgotten or memories of places lost to the years.

Several years ago I gave my husband, Rick, a film and slide converter so we could digitize these slides. This past weekend we started. Many laughs, smiles, stories, and tears later, we have half of them done. 

Younger versions of familiar faces appear, as children or young adults reveal themselves on the film. The younger Rick was there, among the friends and family, some of whom, like his father, are deceased.

There he is, the baby Rick,

the numerous fishing excursions,

times with his mother, Sylvia when his father, Melvin worked,

and special times with Melvin.

He smiled a great deal. 

The slides reveal many things, including a happy childhood.


Unknown said...

Loved the entry today. Brought back memories!

Marie Smith said...

The slides are a great find, a glimpse into early life in the Melvin Smith family. Glad you enjoyed the article.