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Thursday, 1 January 2015

Jealousy Thy Name Is Dog

Georgie is staying over for a few weeks while her family travels. We have mixed feelings but most of the time enjoy Georgie's visits. She has such a pleasant disposition, like that person you know who always sees the best in any situation. Georgie genuinely enjoys most everything that happens: 

car rides, 



games for treats, 

runs in the yard, fun with chew toys, 


and visits with other dogs. 

The only thing she does not seem to enjoy is sharing our time with other people.

Georgie gets jealous when others come around. She wants attention and will mouth a plush toy which belongs to our granddaughters. She knows that taking the item in her mouth will result in immediate attention as we rescue the toy from her grasp. She is happy then. This behaviour is predictable on both sides. It is as if dog and human have a stuffed toy ritual when people visit.

Rick, my husband, and I are almost trained now. A few more visits and we will be just the way she wants us. Jealousy is part of the fun.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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