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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Picnic Dreams

As the wall of driving snow envelopes us during the blizzard, 

my mind goes to late spring and picnics. 

Spring is when we normally start picnic season, weather permitting of course. If we are really lucky, the season can extend into October.

We are picnic lovers and for my husband, Rick, the enjoyment goes back to his childhood. 

   Rick, Sylvia, Jean and Stephen

He and his family often picnicked with his Uncle Carl, Aunt Jean and their son, Stephen. 

Picnics are better when they are shared after all.

The picnics I dream about today in Prince Edward Island include our family on a beach 

or in a park 

with a playground where our granddaughters can run and we can play with them. 

We often share these times with friends including the four legged golden, Georgie. 

As we look out at the driving snow today, these picnic dreams are but a fervent wish.

      Aunt Marie and Marie, both Smiths

So for now, picnics of the past fuel the desire for future excursions. How many day are there until spring?


Unknown said...

I remember that beautiful picnic! Being by the water. Now I'm having picnic dreams!!!

Marie Smith said...

It was fun!