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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Pull Toys

Almost thirty years and a thousand kilometers separate the events in time and place. In the first, Melvin Smith, pulled his granddaughter, Claire Smith, on her bike as if it were a pull toy. The experience delighted Claire. 

                  Melvin and Claire

We lived in Buchans, Newfoundland at the time, while Rick's parents lived in Corner Brook and we all visited back and forth as often as we could.

                      Claire and Poppy

The relationship between Claire and her grandfather was special. Melvin idolized this little girl, and she adored him. They lived three hours apart by car, so the time they spent together was precious and they enjoyed every minute. They laughed and giggled together, cooked breakfast, played with her toys, goofed around. Melvin was funny and this thrilled Claire; they had great times together being silly.

The second event occurred in Summerside, Prince Edward Island when her great grandparents visited Sylvie, Claire's daughter. She loved her great grandparents, and called them Pop Pop and Nan Nan. Sylvie really enjoyed the ride on this 'pull toy.' 

           Melvin and Sylvie

She had several visits with her great grandfather before his death when her great grandparents visited Prince Edward Island twice. Also Claire and Sylvie visited Corner Brook twice, once when Melvin was diagnosed with lung cancer.

                 First visit with Pop Pop

Sylvie was two when her great grandfather died. She still remembers him and asked recently about him. Even a young child remembers such love.

           Sylvie, Age 3


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