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Sunday, 8 November 2015


Sunday morning, two degrees and sunny but the wind is gusting to 80 kilometers an hour. Time for a walk. Not my normal thought in such conditions but the glorious sun is drawing me out. Alone this morning, I head to the western side of the boardwalk by the bay,

 where the trees provide some shelter.

It is high tide with white caps on the harbour 

as the waves stir up that red earth around Prince Edward Island. The water is muddy this morning. 

The boardwalk is deserted except for a handful of people of various ages. 

Weekdays, seniors dominate the trails.

As always, the birds and squirrels are present, 

watching every move as people often leave seeds for them. The chickadees, 

blue jays and crows vie for their place in the food distribution game. 

The sound of the wind in the trees is a constant companion, as the giants sway and creak. The sound is invigorating and energizing yet comforting on the lonely trail.

In places, the sound of the ocean dominates. The rough water breaks onto rocks rather than the usual sandy shoreline; rocks placed along the shore to help prevent erosion. 

The sea is rough for this harbour on the south side of the island. Sea gulls nearby sound like a choir.

Near the end of the walk, the sounds of children are carried on the wind. Approaching the last bend, there is a group of young women, not children, lying on the ground in a circle facing skyward and taking selfies. 

Back to the twenty-first century...


Jackie said...

What a majestic place....!
Beautiful photographs. Splendid!!

Marie Smith said...

It is a great place to live. Thank you for visiting.

Ginnie said...

I feel like I went on the walk with you. It is lovely. I look forward to many more pictures of your area as the seasons change.

Marie Smith said...

It would be so nice to walk together and chat. This will have to do I guess.

Anvilcloud said...

Your blog confirms what my two days in PEI many years ago led me to believe. PEI is a grand place.

Marie Smith said...

It is a beautiful, peaceful place to live.