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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Soccer Sam

My father, Sam, was the youngest surviving child of Ida and Samuel Pretty of St. John's, Newfoundland. He lost his mother by the time he was fourteen and left school shortly after. 

                Ida Pretty

The older Sam was an engineer on the railway and was away from home for days at a time. 

              Sam Pretty Sr.

Dad stayed out of trouble because of his love of soccer. Then he met my mother. 

The rest is history.

I wrote this poem about Dad for our granddaughters, Sylvie and Caitlin.

                 Soccer Sam

Some call it football
But all I can say,
Soccer was important
To Sam in his day.
He played in the morning,
Sam played at night.
He'd rather not school,
Now you know that's not right. 
          Young Sam

Then he met Mary
O'Brien was her name.
They dated, then married,
But he still played the game.

                                  Dad and Mom

He worked at the railway 
Unpacking the cars.
But still he played soccer
Even under the stars.
Finally one day
He played with his son.
Now he could retire
His time it was done.

                      Frank and Dad

So Sam won some trophies
For the game that he loved.
Be it football or soccer
He's still playing above.
                        Marie Pretty Smith
My father's story shows the importance of sport in a child's life. Dad could have strayed from a good life but he played soccer through all the difficult years of his youth. He stayed out of trouble because he was on the soccer field day and night. He was not idle, bored or involved with the wrong crowd. Dad spent every available minute playing soccer. He was lucky to have such a love of the game, and his family was lucky to have him.

         Holy Cross Championship Team 1947
          Sam Pretty, top row, 5th from the left

          Evening Telegram, April 1986


Unknown said...

What a nice tribute to your father.

Marie Smith said...

It is important for our children to find something they are passionate about. That will keep them in good stead. I guess that's what I wanted them to learn

Shammickite said...

What a great post about your dad. I agree, finding something that fills your heart can be a life saver! Wonderful pictures of your family, thanks for letting me have a little peek at your past.

Marie Smith said...

Thank you for visiting.

Anvilcloud said...

What a neat way to commemorate someone: in poetry.

Marie Smith said...

It is! Thank you for visiting.