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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Bye Bye Baby

Our youngest granddaughter, Caitlin,

is finished with her booster seat for the table at our house. As she says, "I am a big girl now." She will be three next month.

We are sad to see the last of this seat. It is one of the last vestiges of our sweet baby, 

as she casts off early childhood and moves into that pre-schooler age.  

Caitlin is a more reserved and quiet child than her older sister, Sylvie. 

She absorbs everything, then says something profound. If you didn't hear it, tough luck because, unlike her sister, Caitlin does not have a repeat button.

She is funny and loves to tease. Her, "Don't tickle me," means to do just that. 

Caitlin loves to cuddle and give hugs, is loving and cute. She can play alone or with her sister and has a great attention span. Caitlin also loves to dress like a princess, sing and do ballet moves. 

She is full of life and, like all children, has such potential.

We lament the passage of this stage of Caitlin's life but we celebrate the Caitlin who is now and who will be.

This following song captures how we feel about our baby growing up.

In the song, Stanfield is the name of the airport at Halifax, Nova Scotia. Superstore is a Canadian grocery chain.


  1. She is beautiful and precious! Thank you for sharing her with me. :-)

  2. What a cutie! And a fine illustrated character study by you.

  3. This will be a fine post to look back on in years to come.

    1. I showed Caitlin the post today. She was so excited to see herself!

  4. I could "steeze the squffings" out of her!

    1. It takes restraint for us not to kiss her to pieces.